Gilpin Park enclosed dog park


Dog in a park

One of the objectives of Council's Domestic Animal Management Plan (PDF 1Mb) is to investigate the possibility of a dog only agility park. This is traditionally an area which is fenced off with a dual access gate entry.

These parks are designed to provide dogs with physical exercise and mental stimulation, help prevent behavioural problems, and allow dog owners to learn to control their dog in a confined area.

At the November 2017 Council meeting, Council endorsed Gilpin Park, Brunswick as the preferred location for the enclosed dog park.

The whole of Gilpin Park will remain an off leash park (PDF 1Mb) and local laws apply.

Concept plan for Gilpin Park enclosed dog park

A draft concept plan was prepared for the enclosed dog park at Gilpin Park and Council asked for feedback on the draft plan during February 2018.

Feedback closed at 5 pm on Monday 5 March 2018, with over 60 responses including comment on the draft concept plan and providing suggestions for changes or improvements.

Based on the responses received and the feedback findings, shown below, a revised concept plan has been prepared and the Gilpin Park Enclosed Dog Park Final Concept Plan (PDF 3Mb) is available for viewing.

Feedback findings

Of all the responses submitted there was a very clear majority in favour of the proposal to have a dog enclosure in Gilpin Park, with a ratio of approximately 4:1 expressing a level of support compared with those who object to the proposal.

Responses in favour

Of those who support the proposal, a significant number expressed little or no reservation about the concept plan as presented. For others there were some concerns about particular aspects of the proposed dog enclosure, including:

  • type and height of fencing to be used – possibly too high or not appropriate to the park setting
  • overall size of the space – some suggesting it is too large and others too small
  • ground surfaces prone to causing dust nuisance
  • limited provision of ‘agility’ elements in the space.

Responses against

Objections to the proposal questioned the expense of creating a dog enclosure and what value it provides to the broad range of park users. It is suggested the funding is better applied to providing other park facilities not dedicated exclusively to dog owners, such as:

  • adventure playground
  • public toilets
  • shade structure or gazebo
  • more shade tree planting for seating throughout the park
  • fencing around the perimeter of the reserve, making a dog enclosure unnecessary.

Strong objections were received expressing a perception of nuisance, which would impact mostly on households along Pearson Street, including increased parking and elevated noise levels from having dogs congregated in an enclosed space.

The perception seems to be that the proposed location for the dog enclosure is in close proximity to those households and this would be alleviated by relocating the facility away from Pearson Street.

Revised Concept Plan

The overall level of support for some form of dog enclosure in Gilpin Park is seen as endorsement of the proposal.

A process of design development has now been carried out, which takes into account all of the feedback received on the initial draft concept plan, with a particular focus on relocating the proposed dog enclosure at a more appropriate distance from all residential areas surrounding the reserve.

The main change from the previous, draft version of the plan arises from the need to allow a 50 metre setback from neighbouring properties. This has resulted in the location of the dog enclosure shifting eastwards and a slight increase in the overall space occupied, which is now a little under 4,000m².

The revised concept plan has been finalised and the Gilpin Park Enclosed Dog Park Final Concept Plan (PDF 3Mb) is available for viewing.

All those who have contacted Council on the earlier draft concept plan are being notified of this new posting on the Moreland public website.

Next steps

Work is now proceeding on preparation of detailed plans and procurement for construction of the enclosed dog park, with site works expected to commence at the start of May 2018. The program for completion of this project is now:

  • Detail design and procurement by end-April 2018
  • Construction 6 weeks from start May
  • Completion early June 2018, subject to weather.

More information

For more information please email Open Space or phone Council on 8311 4300.