Enclosed dog park


One of the objectives of the current Domestic Animal Management Plan is to investigate the possibility of a dog only agility park. This is traditionally an area which is fenced off with a dual access gate entry.

The parks are designed to provide dogs with physical exercise and mental stimulation, help prevent behavioural problems and allows dog owners to learn to control their dog in a confined area.

A dog agility park traditionally provides physical obstacles to assist in these areas. Enclosed dog parks also provide a venue of social interaction for residents.

Council is in the process of selecting a site for the park. A range of issues where considered around seeking to balance the needs of different open space users and practical issues relating to the location of the park.

Based on the assessment, three sites have been identified as preferred locations. These sites were endorsed at the Council meeting of 12 July 2017.

The sites are:

Council is now seeking your feedback before deciding where to install the fenced off-lead area.

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The consultation closed on Sunday 27 August 2017.

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For more information please call 9240 1111.