Loongana Avenue, Glenroy road reconstruction

Construction works completed Loongana AvenueProject overview

Council has completed the reconstruction of Loongana Avenue, Glenroy between Pengana Avenue and William Street. The total length is 610 metres.

The works were undertaken by MJ Construction Group Pty Ltd and comprise:

  • construction of a new underground drainage system and associated pits including connection of house drains into the new drainage system, and
  • construction of a new concrete kerb and channel, footpath, vehicle crossings and asphalt road pavement.

Budget and timelines

  • Budget: $915,800
  • Construction start date: February 2015
  • Construction end date: June 2015

Before Construction 
Loongana Avenue before construction  

During construction   

Loongana Avenue during construction

Construction works completed

Loongana Avenue after construction complete