Callander Road, Pascoe Vale drainage improvement

Project overview

Council has completed drainage improvement works at Callander Road, Pascoe Vale being Stage 2 of the project along Snell Grove and Callander Road.

The works were required to address ongoing flooding issues within the drainage catchment.

Consultation with residents was undertaken in February 2015 and the design completed in June 2015.

The works were undertaken by J and C Construction Pty Ltd and comprised:

  • Construction of a new underground drainage system and pits including connection of house drains into the new drainage system.
  • Reinstatement of all asphalt road pavements and nature strips.
  • Total Length: 275 m

Budget and timelines

  • Budget: $153,800
  • Construction start date: October 2015
  • Construction end date: December 2015

 Stage 1 photos

  Callander Road Pascoe Vale drainage improvement works Stage 1 Before construction     Callander Road Pascoe Vale Drainage Improvement Works Stage1  During construction Works

 Callander Road before new drainage works     Stage 1 drainage works during construction

 Callander Road Pascoe Vale Drainage Improvement Works Stage 1 construction Works completed     Callander Road Pascoe Vale Drainage improvement works Stage 1 Construction works completed

 Stage 1 drainage works completed  

Stage 2 photos

 Callander Road before drainage works   Stage 2  drainage works during construction 

Callander Road before drainage works             Stage 2 drainage works during construction

Stage 2 drainage works completed   Stage 2 drainage works completed 

Stage 2 drainage works completed


If you have an enquiry or would like further information about this project, please contact Council.