Multi-Use Facility at 33 Saxon Street, Brunswick

Project background

33 Saxon Street Brunswick

The 33 Saxon Street site in the heart of the Brunswick Civic and Cultural Precinct includes a large 1970s school building, a heritage house, old stables and public open space.

Council purchased the site in 2010 to use as a compound while the Brunswick Baths were being redeveloped.

The site is currently being used temporarily as a community space and art gallery. See current use of the site for further details.

Council now wants to determine the long-term use and development of the site.

A Strategic Framework for future use and development of the site

33 Saxon Street BrunswickOn 9 August 2017, Council endorsed a Strategic Framework for the site to assist decision making on the future use and development of the site. The Strategic Framework sets out Council’s principles and priorities for the facility and is the foundation for how the site will be used beyond 2021.


Requirements for future use

The future use and development of the site needs to adhere to the following requirements:

  1. The site will be an open and shared space welcoming a diversity of people and ‘best fit’ complementary uses.
  2. The site will be multi-use and future tenants and users will reflect the needs and priorities of the community.
  3. Brunswick lacks public open space and Council is committed to providing public open space at 33 Saxon Street in Brunswick. The process will lead to upgrading and possibly expanding the current public open space area which may be earmarked for a variety of uses. These could include an area for passive use, a children's play area, for outdoor fitness classes and activities, for outdoor events and exhibitions, and possibly a community garden.
  4. All heritage values will be respected and current assessment is that the heritage house must remain on the site.

The Framework is based on research, including the Brunswick Civic and Cultural Precinct Feasibility Study (2014) and the Strategic Assessment of Community Needs and Opportunities for Saxon Street and the broader Civic and Cultural Precinct (2017).

Possible future uses for the site

The Strategic Framework identifies potential uses which are suitable for a multi-use site beyond 2021.

  1. Staff administration rooms for shared use by multiple organisations and possibly facility administration to manage the hire of multi-purpose rooms.
  2. Multi-purpose rooms with a mix of sizes used for community groups and individuals to run meetings, activities and events.
  3. Multi-purpose rooms with a mix of sizes to support the creative sector which could include things like artist-in-residence, writers studios, film studios, rehearsal spaces, professional artists’ studios.
  4. Consulting rooms and other spaces for youth support, youth programs, clinical/non-clinical consulting and maternal child health services.

The exact mix of uses, who is going to deliver them and how they are going to work together will be informed by feedback and consultation, assessment of suitability for the site and financial viability.

Draft vision for the site

The Strategic Framework presents a draft vision for the site beyond 2021:

"33 Saxon Street is both an oasis of calm from the busy-ness of Sydney Road and a hive of cultural and community activity. The site reflects Brunswick's values of diversity, harmony, progress and cultural productivity. The site has grown into a vibrant, open and welcoming place, serving the local community and attracting a diversity of tenants, activities and visitors. The site acts as an anchor creative space in Brunswick and a catalyst for other creative activity".

Community consultation

Council is beginning a project to determine the future long-term use and development of the site. The project runs until the launch of the facility in 2021 and involves a range of consultation with the community in 2018.

  1. Consultation on the potential community uses for the Site and the Draft Vision. Drop-session were held and an online feedback form gathered people's thoughts on the draft vision. Feedback opened on 25 January and closed at 5 pm on 7 March 2018.
  2. Consultation on the developed Concept Plan(s) and Site Vision(s) (mid 2018)
  3. Consultation on the Final Concept Plan and attached Site Vision (late 2018)

We are planning for a Final Concept Plan and Site Vision to be reported to Council for endorsement by the end of 2018. The Concept Plan will be informed by community consultation and feedback.

Further information

If you would like to discuss the site and the consultation process, please contact the Places Team on 9240 2221 or via email.

There are documents on this page in PDF-only format. If you have trouble opening or viewing a PDF document, contact Council and we will arrange to provide the information in a format that suits your needs. See Council's accessibility page for further details.