20th anniversary of Moreland Council

2016 marked the 20th anniversary of the creation of Moreland City Council. 

Moreland came into being as an amalgamation of three formerly separate Councils, Brunswick, Coburg and the southern part of Broadmeadows. 

Over this time, there have been many people who have contributed to Moreland, the Council and community. 

People’s Republic of Moreland t-shirts and tea towels

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In celebration of 20 years of Moreland, Council has released limited edition Moreland Made hand screen printed t-shirts and tea towels.


People's republic of Moreland tshirt

Many are familiar with the handle by which our municipality and citizens are often referred to as ‘The People’s Republic of Moreland’. Less of you would know how it came about.

At the Australian Local Government conference in 1996, the then Minister for Planning and Local Government waspishly referred to the northern metropolitan Council’s as People’s Republics. Immediately after his speech, Moreland’s first Mayor, the late Mike Hill, introduced himself as the Mayor of the People’s Republic of Moreland. Rather than being insulted by the handle, Moreland gloried in it, including the production of t-shirts with this slogan back in 1996.People's republic of Moreland tshirt

Twenty years on, we continue to brandish this People’s Republic label as a badge of honour. Like 20 years ago, we are in another cycle of local government reform, so it is important to remember that we are still the People’s Republic.

We are a community that stands up for what we believe in. And we are happy to have a little fun as well, so in honour of our 20th anniversary we echo the actions of our forebears with our own t-shirt and tea towels.

Profits from all sales will be donated to the Australian Conservation Foundation, in honour of Mike Hill as a great Morelander.

If online shopping isn’t your style, you can also visit a Moreland Customer Service Centre and pick up a t-shirt or teatowel in person.

Watch our video

In a short film to mark the occasion, we speak with all Moreland’s Mayors, past and present, to find out how our diverse community has evolved over the last 20 years – all the highs, and some of the lows, and we look at how Moreland Council has responded to the needs and demands of our community since its inception in 1996.

Honest and heartfelt, we explore the stories that made our Mayors stop and think, ‘Yes – this is why I joined Council’.

A story of community and teamwork, and how we listen and respond to our community to make their lives better.