CCTV cameras to remain operating in Brunswick

Hear direct from your Mayor, Cr Helen Davidson, about what's actually happening with CCTV cameras in Moreland.

Last night Moreland Councillors debated the future of nine CCTV cameras currently maintained by Council on Sydney Road in Brunswick.

The cameras were partly funded by a grant from the State Government, following the murder of Jill Meagher in 2012.

The issue of the acceptance of the grant and the installation of the cameras was hotly debated when it came before Council in 2014.

Ultimately, the majority of Council voted to accept the grant and install the cameras, but it was agreed at the time that there be a strong evaluation component built into the trial, and that money would also be spent to address the issue of family violence in Moreland.

Last night a report was presented to Council on the effectiveness of the cameras against a number of criteria.

“It is not true that any maintenance funding has been cut from the CCTV trial,” Moreland’s Mayor Cr Helen Davidson said.

Council works in partnership with a range of agencies, including Moreland Police, local businesses and community organisations, to promote community safety in Moreland.

The report noted that the system is a useful tool from a policing perspective, with Moreland Police reporting that the system has assisted in the investigation of offences.

The report also noted that it is difficult to measure the extent to which CCTV cameras contribute to perceptions of community safety. The data collected by Moreland is not conclusive about the value of the cameras at this point in time.

Last night there were strong views expressed by Councillors both for and against the continuance of the CCTV camera trial

Cr Helen Davidson said ”Council is now going to look in detail at the amount of money being spent to maintain the existing cameras, before it commits to an extension of their operation beyond the initial five year contract, which ends in 2019.

“No decision has been made and until we do make a decision, Moreland will continue to work closely with Victoria Police and other community agencies to do everything we can to improve public safety.”

8 December 2016