Busking, fundraising and other on-street activities

When you require an on-street activity permit

You must apply for an on-street activity permit prior to conducting any type of
on-street activity on Council land.

This includes:

  • Busking
  • Fundraising - including donation and raffle ticket collections
  • Intersection collections
  • Street stalls
  • Commercial business promotion
  • Issuing of handouts
  • Promotion and campaigns
  • Political campaigns.

For information on filming see filming in Moreland.

Why you require a permit

Council issues on-street activity permits to:

  • limit the number of people using a footpath or public space so that it does not negatively impact people or the area,
  • ensure there is adequate space to conduct the proposed activity, and
  • ensure the activity being conducted is safe.

Penalties apply if you engage in on-street activities without a valid permit.


The 2017-18 permit application fee is $309.

Not-for-profit organisations and registered charity organisations (registered with Consumer Affairs Victoria) are not required to pay the permit application fee. Verification of registration is required when lodging your application.

Third party organisations that collect money or pledges on behalf of a registered charity organisation are required to pay the application fee.

How to apply for an on-street activity permit

Download and complete the On-Street Activity application form (DOC 80Kb).

You must include:

  • your details and any company information
  • the type of activity e.g. fundraising, busking, campaigning
  • proposed days and locations
  • the number of people involved
  • how your activity considers public safety and public access.

Forward your completed application form and any supporting documentation to Council at least one month before your first requested activity date:

What happens after you apply

Once your application is received, Council will review the application.

If another organisation or activity has applied or been issued with a permit for your requested date and location, Council will let you know so you can discuss alternative arrangements.

If you want to occupy a car park or close a road or street, your application will also be referred to Council's Traffic Management unit and you may be asked for more information.

Once Council has approved your request, you will receive a permit 7 days before your first requested activity date.