Review of the Moreland Statement of Commitment to Women

Moreland Council is reviewing the Statement of Commitment to Women (PDF 76Kb) from 1998.

The purpose of the review is to:

  • Identify action priorities and opportunities for local partnerships to advance gender equality and inclusion within the framework of Council's Human Rights Policy (DOC 554Kb).

  • Enhance community participation and ownership regarding Council’s activities to advance gender equality and inclusion.

How to participate

Join us for International Women's Day 2018

You are invited to a community celebration of International Women’s Day 2018 and to work together to build Moreland City Council’s plan for gender equality

The event will include a keynote speach from Santilla Chingaipe, award winning SBS journalist and documentary filmmaker,  and local community leaders hosting round tables to give you a chance to discuss the intersectional issues that affect our community in creating an equitable and inclusive Moreland community for all genders.

This event is one on many community forums contributing to the update of Moreland City Council's Statement of Commitment to Women.

All welcome!

Refreshments provided.

Please RSVP by email or phone 9240 1111 by Monday 5 March.

For more information contact Paula Jorgensen, email Paula or phone 9240 1250.

Walking groups to local tram and train stops will be available after the event.

Sign language thumbnail

Auslan interpreters will be provided for this event. 

 Accessible by wheelchair

The Coburg Town Hall is accessible by wheelchair and has accessible bathrooms.


Join the temporary Review Working Group (to June 2018)

The temporary working group participates in and oversees the review process. The group commenced in November and meets at arranged times throughout the review process.  Members are broadly representative of the diverse community.

The group is still open for new members. An informal Expression of Interest is required.

Council is looking for members with:

  • An awareness or understanding of and passion for human rights.
  • Knowledge of or experience in supporting the Moreland community.
  • Capacity to commit to active participation in the review process. 

Please contact May Haeder on 9240 2313 or email May Haeder if you are interested or have any queries.

Opportunity to conduct a focus group within your network

Council is looking for community groups or organisations that are interested in participating in the review by conducting at least one focus group within their network in February or March. We are looking for:

  • Interest in human rights topics.
  • Time to facilitate at least one focus group of 90 minutes in February or March.
  • Commitment to take steps in the own group or organisation, if appropriate.
  • Potential interest in partnering with Council in implementing future actions.

We will provide: tip sheets how to run a focus group; simple feedback templates to record the discussion and support with queries. Further information is included in this Focus Group flyer (DOC 232Kb).

Please contact May Haeder on 9240 2313 or email May Haeder if you are interested or have any questions. 

Community Forum

A community forum was held on 12 December 2017. The forum provided an opportunity for a public debate about the issues that are of concern to the Moreland community in relation to gender equality and inclusion, supported by two guest speakers.  An overview of the forum and what was discussed will be provided here, when available.

Other opportunities to participate

Details about other opportunities to participate will be available soon and include:

  • An online survey (timelines to be confirmed)
  • International Women's Day Forum.

Further information

Information about Council's work to promote: