Cr Lenka Thompson - North-East Ward

North East Ward MapCr Lenka Thompson

Mobile: 0417 353 020
Phone: 9018 5261
Fax: 8672 6480
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Elected to Council
January 2012

Councillor Responsible For
Sustainability, Transport, Climate Change and Water


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Cr Lenka Thompson

Why did you run for Council?

It happened as part of my strong connection with the Moreland Greens group which is an active participant in elections at the Local, State and Federal levels. Having lived in Moreland for the last 12 years and growing up in Castlemaine, where the sense of community is ever present, I was attracted to the opportunity of standing in the 2008 local government elections as a voice for the section of the public which espouse grassroots democracy, ecological sustainability, peace and non-violence, and social justice on Council. The Greens have had a good standing in the past, and I was keen to help maintain that.

What do you see as the top five issues facing Council over the next four years?

  1. having the whole of the municipality work towards being carbon neutral
  2. ensuring there is adequate housing stock for those most disadvantaged in our municipality
  3. bringing urban planning into a participatory model where residents have a say in what kind of development happens around them
  4. adapting sustainably to the increasing population moving into the municipality
  5. implementing the Fire Services Levy so residents still have the capacity to pay for their rates (which is a crucial source of income for Council to deliver its services)

What local issues are you especially interested in?

  • The Coburg Initiative
  • affordable housing
  • sustainable transport
  • Neighbourhood Houses
  • our natural assets and open space

Name three things you want this Council to achieve in the next four years?

  • increase the affordable housing stock in areas which provide a full and participatory life for those in hardship and are disadvantaged
  • implement initiatives which assist in having a carbon neutral municipality
  • maintain and enhance the natural open space accessible to every resident and visitors

What is your vision for Moreland?

A Moreland which respects its natural and urban environments, sustaining a way for its future.

What are your hobbies and interests?

Live music, gardening, camping, movies, dancing, sport, friends and family, cooking, use to be reading before all of the Council reports came along!

What community activities in Moreland have you been involved in?

Cycolvia, Fawkner Festa, Movies in the Park, Brunswick Music Festival, Sydney Road Street Party, water monitoring of Merri Creek, Permablitzes when they are in Moreland.

What are some of your favourite things about Moreland?

The people, natural assets, diverse cultures and the cuisine available, accessibility to all modes of transport.

Work experience, career, job?

I am a hydrogeologist / environmental scientist working in the contaminated land and groundwater area. My role includes project management, undertaking field-based research and interpretation of results for our clients, so I have a good mix of office and field work.

What’s the best time, day or method (e.g. email, mobile) for residents and community groups to contact you? ?

On Fridays I can be reached on my mobile 0417 353 020, landline 9018 5261, or email Cr Lenka Thompsonanytime.

Extra: Sum up Moreland in 5 words.

Wonderful place with diverse environs.