Rates notices will be delivered from Monday 29 August.

You can use the rates enquiry form to ask questions about your rates and we'll get back to you within 4 working days. 

Visit our rates page to find out how to pay your rates, due dates and how rates are calculated.


Have your say on our Draft Moreland Play Strategy.

Council endorsed the Moreland Play Strategy 2016 – 2020 draft for community consultation at the 10 August 2016 Council meeting.

We encourage you to provide your feedback and comments to refine the Strategy.  

Feedback is due by 10 am on Thursday 1 September 2016.


Meet your Ward Councillors to discuss what good quality development looks like in Moreland.

The workshops will include expert speakers on innovative apartment and townhouse development, the planning framework that guides development, transport management, and affordable housing models.


We recently launched our first Human Rights Policy. 

The policy provides a 10 year framework for the implementation of our human rights obligations. 

It strives to remove barriers and aims to increase participation and inclusion in decision-making and access to essential services and Council facilities.

You can download the policy on our Human Rights page.


Find out what Council is doing in your community

Read about celebrating 20 years of Moreland, Local Government election information, our FReeZa youth development program, plus much more, in the latest edition of Inside Moreland.

To download the Winter edition, visit Inside Moreland newsletter.


We want to hear from you

Visit consultations to share your ideas for your community.

Current Council consultation